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All My Ninjas

The favorite soap opera of ninjas everywhere!

All My Ninjas: A Naruto RPG
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A Naruto RPG.

Welcome to All My Ninjas. The game begins just after chapter 139 of the manga and goes forward from there. (This is from episode 80 in the anime on.) The game will not be following any future canon from the manga at all, creating our own spinoff from that point forward. In the future, this space will detail some of the plots and events that have happened since the start of the game. We do expect that players will have at least read the manga up to chapter 139 or seen up to episode 80 of the anime. (So no screaming about spoilers! You'll get them if you join the game before reaching either of those points.)

For those who are thinking of getting a character, we are not yet accepting applications, but you can find the app itself over here along with some of our rules.

Rules worth noting:

There are some things that the moderators will outright reject applications for. We're a pretty mellow bunch, but this is a text based RPG and that means we have a few standards...

1. We'd prefer to see proper spelling and grammar in an application. Typos aren't uncommon even for the best of us, but if your application is riddled with misspellings, poor grammar, 1337 speak or lack of capitalization, it's going to get rejected.
2. Lack of knowledge of the Naruto world. We're not going to be too hard about this, but if you've not read any of the manga or watched any eps of the anime, why are you wanting to play a character here?
3. There is no three. Yet.

We don't require people to get character journals. It's certainly encouraged and welcome, but not required. Just make sure you use the icon of the character you're playing when you post to the main community. Roleplay can be done on the main community board itself, or through AIM (posted logs of AIM RP are welcome too!).

The community is slash friendly within reason.

Last, but definitely not least, we expect that everyone has read The Rules and agreed to abide by them while playing here. Ignorance will not be an acceptable excuse.